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Airpods Blinking White (5 Ways To Fix It)

No matter how sophisticated, elegant and smart devices Apple AirPods are, they still can have some issues from time to time. The status and functionality of our Airpods are presented over the status light i.e. LED lights.

One such issue is represented by a blinking white light on the AirPods. There are many reasons for the AirPods blinking white light and in this article we will try to explain the reasons and offer some useful tips on how to fix it on your own.

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Why Are AirPods Blinking White Light?

In some situations, your AirPods simply fail to connect and they start blinking white light. There are reasons behind this because they do not start blinking out of anything.

Some of the reasons could be connected to insufficient charging or no charging at all, if your Bluetooth is switched off, on the phone or outdated software. Whatever the reason is we will offer the solution and try to help you fix it.

How To Fix AirPods Blinking White Issue?

There are several different things you can try in order to fix the AirPods flashing white light.

Solution 1 – Disable/Enable Bluetooth settings

There is a very simple solution that can help us get rid of the Apple AirPods flashing white light and that is:

1. Turn off or toggle Bluetooth and turn it on again.

2 Find the Bluetooth settings on the device you are using. It is under settings options and connected devices.

3. Turn off / toggle off you will turn this option down. Leave it for at least thirty seconds and then turn it on again to pair the device with selected AirPods.

Your issue might be solved in a minute or less.

Solution 2 – Restart Your Device

Among those simple solutions that cost nothing and take only a little of your time and effort is turning off and on your device. Like many other devices, sometimes your phone mixes stuff and it provokes certain problems. You need to regain its memory and you could do it in a few steps:

1. Turn it off for at least a minute and then turn it on.

2.  After the device is turned back on, open the Bluetooth list, find the pairing mode and select the device you wish to pair.

 It will probably work and you will no longer be bothered by the flashing white light.

Solution 3 – Update Your Device Software

Many issues can be solved just by updating the software. New updates come out constantly and it can also affect the connection. Perhaps your device requires an update but you should also check if the software you are using is up to date. To check it follow the procedure:

1. Go to Settings and find the System Update option which is among the last options on the list.

2. Tap the system update option, and you will see the status of your software.

3.  Follow the steps on your device to update it and after it is done pair the device again.

If this causes the problem, the blinking white light will disappear, and you can easily solve the problem in several minutes.

Solution 4 – Reconnect Your AirPods

If you notice the Apple AirPods flashing white light try to reconnect your AirPods by following the steps we provided.

1. Check if your device is running and is updated to the latest version of the software.

2. Place the AirPods in the charging case and check if they are fully charged.

3. If that is not the case, charge them fully.

4. Double check that the Bluetooth is turned on the device you are connecting to enable pairing mode.

5. Then select the desired audio device. Your AirPods will appear on the list so you should select them.

6. Keep the device close to the case and keep the charging case open.

7.  Press and hold the set-up button until they pair.

Following these instructions, you will successfully pair and reconnect your Apple AirPods with the device.

Solution 5 – Reset Your AirPods

If you come across this problem of AirPods blinking white light you can try and reset them completely and, in most cases, it will solve any problem. You need to follow certain steps again and we hope you will solve your problem.

1. Put your AirPods in the charging case again and close the lid. Let them sit for some time inside around a minute.

2. Find the Bluetooth settings on your phone.

3. Find the button FORGET, select your AirPods and tap it again. Your previous connection on the AirPods will be deleted.

4. Then open the charging case, find the set-up button and press it for about fifteen seconds. You will notice the light changing from amber to white.

5.  With the lid open and placed near the device select your AirPods, tap on them and then press connect. They will reconnect and work properly.

LED Lights On Airpods Case (FAQ)

The LED light on your AirPods case tells us more about the current status and functionality of our AirPods. Depending on what’s happening at the moment, the LED light can be colored differently. Here is what the most common colors indicate:

What Does The White Light On The Airpod Case Mean?

This light (a blinking white light) is usually activated when we put our AirPods into pairing mode. This blinking white light should stop once a connection is established. So, if the blinking white light lasts for a longer period of time and the AirPods can’t connect, then there is a problem that requires our attention.

What Does The Orange Light On The Airpod Case Mean?

If you see this light on your AirPods case while the AirPods are still in there it is a sign that they are charging. If the AirPods are not inside, the orange light on the case indicates that the case needs a charge. And finally, a flashing orange light usually indicates that there is a problem.

What Does The Green Light On The Airpod Case Mean?

If the AirPods are inside the case the green light will indicate that they are fully charged. If the AirPods are not inside, the green light on the case indicates that the case is fully charged.

No Light On Airpods Case. What Does It Mean?

The case and your AirPods are completely drained out and they require immediate charging. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use them at all.

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You may experience trouble with AirPods blinking white lights from time to time. However, in most cases, the problem is easily resolved in several steps and you needn’t worry much. If you try the solutions we offered, you will solve the issue in no time and your Apple device status light color will turn back to normal.