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Why Are My AirPods So Quiet? Here’s What To Do

If your question of the day is “why are my AirPods so quiet?” then stop your search because you have come to the right place for the answer. In this article we’ll explain why your AirPods could have a volume problem and we will try to help you find the solution to fix the problem. 

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Why Are My AirPods So Quiet?

Believe it or not, there are many reasons why your AirPods could be quiet. Try going through all the points we listed below so you can find the one that is causing you problems. 

Problem 1: Dirt/Earwax Buildup

One of the most common reasons why AirPods are quiet is because of dirt or earwax buildup in them. This causes obstruction and the sound you hear can be quieter and muffled. 

Solution: Clean your AirPods. Recommended way to clean your AirPods would be with the cotton swab and just a pinch of isopropyl alcohol. Take the cotton swab and gently clean the speakers of your AirPods, be sure not to push the dirt/earwax deeper into the speaker. If you notice that the dirt is really stuck inside try using the toothbrush to clean it, but be sure to do it gently as well. Once you clean the speakers use the lint free cloth and swipe the AirPods to clean away any remaining debris. 

Problem 2: Check The Volume

You might ask yourself “why are my AirPods so quiet” but you might not have even realized that you turned the volume down, so before you continue with other steps check the volume on your phone or simply have Siri do it for you by asking her “what’s the volume?” And of course, to solve this problem, simply turn the volume up.

Problem 3: Check If Your AirPods Are Charged

If your AirPods have low battery they will automatically lower their volume. Some other indications that your battery is low could be spotty connection or the AirPods turning on and off. You can check the battery by placing your AirPods inside the case and opening the lid when you put the case near your iPhone. 

Once again, the solution to this problem is very simple, all you have to do is recharge your AirPods and they will not be quiet the next time you use them.

Problem 4: Software

One of the reasons why your AirPods are quiet could be the old software version. Sometimes they start acting up when they need an update. The update might be needed for your AirPods, phone or both. 

To solve this problem make sure that your AirPods and iPhone are both updated to the latest software. If they didn’t automatically update, you need to do it manually. On your iPhone go to the Settings, then General and click Software update. For the AirPods you need to check their firmware version in the Settings of your iPhone. 

Problem 5: Bluetooth

If you are using your AirPods on more than one device and you are switching them often, your AirPods might get confused. What you need to do here is recalibrate the Bluetooth volume. Follow the steps below:

  1. Pair your AirPods to any device and play some music
  2. Turn the volume down to 0 (don’t turn off the music)
  3. Keep your AirPods in your ears and turn off the Bluetooth (don’t forget them, just disconnect them for a moment)
  4. Don’t stop playing music on your device, keep the volume all the way down to 0. If the volume turned up when you disconnected the AirPods, turn it down to 0 again
  5. Reconnect your AirPods (turn Bluetooth on again) and increase the volume

When you finish the last step you have successfully recalibrated the Bluetooth volume and your problem should be solved if this was causing the issue. 

Problem 6: Audio Balance

Set Balance to center

If just one of your AirPods is quiet then audio balance might be off. To check this go to the Settings on your device, click Accessibility, tap Audio/Visual and you’ll see the balance slider which you need to move to the center so the volume will be equal in both AirPods. 

Problem 7: Volume Limit

Disable Reduce Loud Sounds

Volume Limit prevents the audio getting high. Here’s how to disable it: Settings > Sound and Haptics > Headphone Safety > toggle off the Reduce Loud Sound button. Now the volume won’t be limited.

Problem 8: Low Power Mode

Disable Low Power Mode

Using low power mode on your device may be the reason why your AirPods are quiet. To fix this simply go to Settings, then Battery and disable Low Power Mode.

Problem 9: Damaged AirPods

If none of the fixes helped you solve the issue then it is possible that your AirPods have been damaged by liquid or something else. Try sending them to Apple if they are still under warranty so you can get them replaced or fixed. 

Why Are My AirPods Quiet On Android?

Sometimes when connected to an Android device, AirPods can be quieter than on an iPhone. AirPods are just not that compatible with Android devices. Don’t worry, you don’t need to throw your AirPods away because there is a way to improve the sound of your AirPods on your Android device.

Most of the solutions mentioned above would work here too, like cleaning your AirPods, updating the software and checking audio balance (Settings > Accessibility > Hearing enhancements > Left/right audio balance). 

You can also check the Equalizer. While playing some music through your AirPods go to the Settings > Sounds and vibration > Sound quality/effects > Equalizer. Here you can try the equalizer option and choose the one which suits you the most. 

This should help you increase the volume of your AirPods on your Android device.


In this article we answered the question “Why are my AirPods so quiet?” We said it could be because of the dirt buildup, software or it simply needs some settings adjustments. We also showed you how to increase the volume of your AirPods if you are using an Android device.