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AirPods Pro Fake vs Real: How To Tell The Difference?

Have you ever wondered how to tell fake vs real AirPod Pro? Maybe someone gave you AirPods Pro as a gift and now you want to check if they are authentic, or you are planning to buy them somewhere and want to make sure that you know what signs you need to look for. Whatever your reason is, you have come to the right place, as now we will talk about ‘AirPods Pro Fake vs Real’.

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How To Spot If AirPods Pro Are Fake Or Real?

There are many ways to spot if AirPods Pro are authentic or replicas. Some of the first signs are: cheap price, no pictures of AirPods posted online, the package etc. Next, we are going to talk about some other smaller signs that you might need to look for.

Sign 1: The Package

There are a few things you can look for on the package itself to see if AirPods are real.

Firstly, look at the coloring. If the colors are dull on the box it is mostly likely a fake.

Secondly, on the bottom side of the box see if the labels are separated, fake AirPods are more likely to have one strip of paper attached. Look for any misspellings and unsymmetrical printing.

Thirdly, check the manual for misspellings and wrong information or it could be a completely wrong manual that ended up in your package.

These are the things you should look for on the package itself, if everything checks out then move onto the case of the AirPods.

Sign 2: The Case

The back side of the case should have the information about design and assembly (e.g. Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in China) – if that text is missing it is most definitely a fake, but the text could be printed but it would be in bigger letters than the original and the colors would be paler.

On the front side, the gap on the opening is deeper than on the original and it feels less smooth and rounded.

Most of the cases have wireless charging built into them, if yours does not it is most likely a replica.

The Lightning port on the bottom of the case would be thicker and bigger on the fake case of the AirPods.

Serial number on real AirPods

Lastly, one of the most important steps you can take to answer the question “AirPods Pro Fake vs Real” is to open the lid of the case and check for serial number and other information that is printed on the inside of the lid. Make sure the serial number on the case matches the one on the box. Once you find the serial number simply go to this website and type it in and you will get the information which will help you see if your AirPods Pro are fake or authentic.

These signs can help you determine if your AirPods pro are fake or real by inspecting the case of AirPods Pro.

Sign 3: The AirPods Pro Themselves

There are a few signs you can look for on the AirPods Pro themselves to see if they are a replica.

Bottom of the AirPods Pro should be covered with white plastic, some replicas will only have a thick silver bottom. But, if they do happen to have a white plastic as well, the metal on the edges will probably be thicker and wider.

Check if your AirPods Pro have left and right inscriptions on them. Some replicas don’t have this printed on them.

Real AirPods have left and right inscriptions

“AirPods Pro Fake vs Real” could be answered with one simple look at the sensor on the AirPods. The authentic AirPods Pro should have a small black sensor on the interior side, which should be missing on the fake AirPods.

On the back of the authentic AirPods Pro should be a mesh oval that is the interior side diffuser. If it is not mesh and it’s just plain black and covered, it is most definitely a replica, or it could also be gray and not completely covered on the replicas.

Exterior side diffuser should not have a gray metal outline like some of the replicas have. They can also be bigger than the diffuser on real AirPods Pro.

Speakers can be a different color which can help you distinguish between real and fake ones. Speaker on the real AirPods Pro is black, while on the fake ones it is grayer. You can also check the material of the speakers, if it seems more dense, then you have a fake AirPod in your hands.

These are the most common signs that will help you whether your AirPods Pro are authentic.

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AirPods Pro Real vs Fake: More Details

Below we have listed more details you can check to see if your AirPods Pro are fake or real.

  1. Fake AirPods don’t have a noise cancelling feature.
  2. When you want to skip a song on real AirPods Pro you can squeeze the arm of the buds to do so, yet on the fake AirPods Pro you need to tap the black oval on the back of them.
  3. Real AirPods Pro have only been produced in white color.
  4. Fake AirPods Pro have shorter battery life. Real AirPods Pro should have around 4-5 hours of listening time.
  5. Real AirPods Pro connect faster to your phone than the fake ones, it should take around 10 seconds maximum to connect.
  6. Fake AirPods Pro can have a female voice audio file playing when connecting, opposed to specific and authentic Apple sound.

These are some additional details that can help you identify if your AirPods Pro are authentic or replicas.


In this article we listed some signs and details that you can look for to help you answer the question “AirPods Pro Fake vs Real?”. You can look for signs on the box, on the case or on the AirPods themselves. This information is always good to know so you know what you are buying.