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One Speaker Louder Than The Other: What To Do?

If you are having problems with your speakers where one speaker is louder than the other one, keep reading this article because we will try to explain why this is happening and what you can do to solve this issue.

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Why Is One Speaker Louder Than The Other One?

You are probably wondering why there is one speaker louder than the other one and there could be several problems that are causing this issue. The problem could be in the speakers itself, in the wire connection, in the signal source or you could just have a feeling that one speaker is louder because someone changed the controls you are used to.

One Speaker Louder Than the Other

One Speaker Louder Than The Other: How To Fix It?

There are several things that you can do to try to fix the issue of one of your speakers being louder than the other one. This issue is common and there are several easy solutions to this problem. Try following the steps in this article to help you locate where the issue lies. Now we are going to talk about the solutions.

Solution 1: Check The Wires

What you need to do first is make sure that the wires are in good shape because a problem in the wires could cause the issue of one speaker being louder than the other one.

Check to see if there are any stray strands of wire that are sticking out. Then see if they are properly connected to your speakers. Make sure to check if you properly connected the polarity of the wires (you can check this with a multimeter if you don’t know which wire is positive and which one is negative). Next, try to look for a loose connection. If a wire is broken then you need to replace it.

Now if the problem still remains after you checked the wires we are going to the next step, which is swapping the speakers.

Solution 2: Swap The Speakers

This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to check if the problem lies in the speakers or somewhere else. Before you do this make sure you check the wires like we talked about in the “Solution 1”.

What you need to do now is swap the speaker wire to the opposite one. This should help you see if the problem lies in the speakers or the Amp.

One more thing you can do after swapping the speakers is switching to Mono on your Amp if you have that option. If the sound remains the same after you switched to Mono the problem could lie in the signal source. Don’t be worried if your speakers don’t have the Mono switch, most new amps do not have that switch.

Solution 3: Swap The Signal Source

If the problem still remains after you swapped the speakers, try swapping the signal source.

For example, if your speakers are connected to DVD you need to swap the output – right channel to left and left channel to right. Same goes for any other signal source you are using (CD, Phono, Tape and others).

These steps about swapping the speakers and signal sources should help you locate the problem and find the solution, just make sure that you are swapping things one at a time so you can properly locate where the problem lies.

Solution 4: Check Balance Control

One of the things that could cause the problem of one speaker being louder than the other is as simple as changed controls.

Try setting the balance control to center if it is not already set up that way. If you or someone else changed it to left or right you could have a feeling that one of the speakers is louder. If this is causing the problem, setting it to balance should be an easy fix.

Solution 5: Check The RCA Cables

If the RCA cable is broken it could cause problems with the sound, such as one of the speakers sounding louder than the other one. Look for broken connections in the cable and if you notice that it is broken, replace it or repair it.

If you want to repair the RCA cable by yourself, if it isn’t completely broken, take a look at this article to help you with repairing it.


We tried to answer the question “why is one speaker louder than the other?” We said that the problems that could be causing this issue could lie in the wires, speakers, signal sources, controls or in the cables. We provided a few solutions to these problems that we hope were helpful.

Unfortunately, if nothing helps fix your issue, if the difference in the sound bothers you way too much, you might need to consider taking them to be repaired or replacing them if nothing helps fixing them.