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Why Do My Earbuds Keep Disconnecting?

If you are asking yourself “why do my earbuds keep disconnecting?” you have come to the right place, as this article will help you answer this question. First, we are going to see why this issue is happening and then we will look for the solutions.

Why do my earbuds keep disconnecting

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Why do my Earbuds Keep Disconnecting + Solutions

Bluetooth is a tricky thing. As useful as it is, it can also create some problems like your earbuds disconnecting, which can be very annoying if you don’t know why that is happening, and that is why now we are going to go through issues that cause disconnection.

Issue 1: Range

One of the most common issues why your earbuds keep disconnecting is because you are out of range. All Bluetooth earphones have a limited range in which they work, once you step out of that range they disconnect.

Solution: Make sure that you are in the estimated range for your earbuds and you should have no problems with disconnection.

Issue 2: Interference

Another problem that could cause your earbuds disconnection is Bluetooth interference from some appliances that may be nearby, electromagnetic devices or some radio noise that is messing with your connection. A common thing that is causing interference is the Wi-Fi router.

Solution: What you need to do is leave the area where these disturbances happen, that is, get away from objects that are producing electromagnetic interferences.

Issue 3: Compatibility

Some Bluetooth earbuds are not compatible with all devices, which can cause the disconnection. This can happen if your earbuds are older and the device you are pairing it to is newer. This can also happen if your devices have different versions of Bluetooth.

Solution: Make sure that your earbuds Bluetooth version is compatible with the device you are using.

Issue 4: Low Battery

If the battery on your earbuds is low, that can answer the question “why do my earbuds keep disconnecting?”

Solution: Turn off your earbuds and charge them for 20 minutes, turn them on again and try reconnecting. Also, ensure that your earbuds are charged before using them to avoid this issue in the future.

Issue 5: Background Apps

If you have a lot of apps that are running in the background you could be causing the problem for not only your phone’s performance but for your earbuds as well. When too many apps are running it can confuse the Bluetooth connection, which can lead to disconnection.

Solution: To solve this issue, clear the background, organize your apps and keep it that way so your earbuds can work properly without problems.

Issue 6: Contact Duplicates

Having contact duplicates can cause your earbuds to disconnect during the phone call because having multiple contacts with the same name or number could create a confusion for Bluetooth, because it cannot figure out to which contact it is supposed to be connected to.

Solution: If this issue is causing the problem of disconnection then you should go to your contacts and delete all the duplicates. This should help reduce the chance of disconnecting when you are using your earbuds during a phone call.

Issue 7: Old Device is Requesting Connection

If you haven’t unpaired your earbuds and you have a new device, the old device might request connection which can interfere and cause disconnection.

Solution: Unpair your earbuds from your old device and see to it that they are connected only to the device you are using at the moment.

These seven issues are the main problems why earbuds are disconnecting from your device and we gave you solutions for each of them, but if nothing works keep reading because we have more solutions for you.

Additional Solutions

If none of the above mentioned solutions work in fixing the issue “why do my earbuds keep disconnecting” then we have a few more solutions that could probably help.

Additional Solution 1: Restart

Sometimes all the devices need is a quick reset. Firstly, restart your earbuds and after they turn on try pairing them with your device again. Secondly, if it still does not work, restart your phone/device and once it turns back on, connect your earbuds once again.

Additional Solution 2: Forget the Device

This solution proved to work for some people, so all you have to do is forget the earbuds from your device and rediscover them once again. This should stabilize the connection and fix the issue.

Additional Solution 3: Update the Firmware

Sometimes you need to update the Bluetooth firmware of your device if it is corrupted or out of date. Over time every firmware needs to be updated or it can cause some glitches, and this one is no different. Although, every device has a different set of steps to follow to update its firmware, so you should inform yourself on how to do it on your own device you are using.

Additional Solution 4: Turn off Airplane and Power Saving Mode

Having airplane mode turned on and even power saving mode can interfere with Bluetooth by slowing it down, so you should turn these two options off while you are using your earbuds to avoid function problems.

If the first seven solutions did not work for you, we hope one of these four solved the disconnecting problem and that your earbuds are working without problems now.


We have answered the question “Why do my earbuds keep disconnecting” and gave you multiple solutions you can try. From charging the battery, restarting, updating the firmware, pairing devices etc. we have covered all we could and we hope you managed to fix the connection issue.