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How to Turn Off Headphone Mode on Android?

Nowadays we all depend on modern means of communication but the most popular and convenient one is a cell phone. It is almost certain that there isn’t a person who doesn’t have a cell phone or they are rare. Since we use them all the time sometimes problems occur. Most of them are easy to solve and you can do it simply by following the instructions from the manufacturer. Rarely do problems that come up need professional help.

There are situations where you have to make or take a call without using your headphones. This will activate headphone mode on Android. But what to do if it won’t turn off?

Well, there is always something you can do to try to solve the problem. There is always a solution and we will offer you several.

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Signs that your phone is in Headphone mode?

There are things that help you recognize the problem of this kind. The first sign is that you can’t hear anything on your phone. You can’t hear music, video games, no sound but you can hear it if your headphones are in. The other thing is that this happens to you occasionally. From time to time, you can hear sound. The most certain thing is that you have something stuck inside the headphone jack such as dirt, lint or dust. It’s time to do something!

How to Turn Off Headphone Mode on Android?

Disconnect the headphones from the phone

The first thing you should try is removing your headphones from the phone again. Then gently move the plug inside a jack and remove it. If that doesn’t work try the next option.

Clean the headphone jack

Clean the headphone jack

Secondly, you can try cleaning the headphone jack. While placing your phone set in your pockets or begs you pick up dirt and dust sometimes lint. It collects in small holes covering the surface. When you try to connect the headphones, you push the dirt inside and it causes the prone to register as if the headphones are plugged in. You can do it with something slim (toothpick, paper clip etc.) enough with a tiny piece of cotton at the end to fit the jack. When you get to the bottom simply rotate it until you remove everything stuck. You should repeat the procedure several times until you are sure everything is removed and the bottom is clear. This was the trouble it will get your phone out of the headphone mode. If this is not the case with you try another suggested thing.

Restart the phone

You can always do the easy restart procedure. Sometimes phones mix things when using different apps and options. They start messing with the options. Simply restart your phone and everything might work properly again. You have use and hold the power button that is usually on the left side. Some phones have a restart option everything will go smoothly and your phone will do the job.  if that’s the case use it if not just tap power-off.  Leave it for a few seconds and press the power button on. You will have to wait a bit for your phone to boot up until you check if the icon for headphone mode is not there. If it is gone you have solved the problem, now you can play some music to make sure.

Soft reset the phone

In some cases, the restart procedure doesn’t work so you have to try with the soft reset. It is a kind of reboot that closes all apps and even erases RAM while leaving all the personal information.  This is the simplest solution to many problems just by turning your phone off for half a minute and then you turn it back on.  With some phones that have a removable battery, you do the same. Turn your phone off, remove the battery and after thirty seconds put it back and turn your phone on.

Use an app to access certain commands

There are cases when you can use an application to access certain commands. It is disable/enable app where you can manually switch from headphones to speakers even if you have headphones connected.

This simple application allows you switch manually between headphones and speakers, whether you have headphones connected or not. This application is made for one kind of phones (Xiaomi phones) but it also works on many other android phones.

Use an Android repair app

The other application you may use is android-repair. It registers the most common problems and fixes them. You run it, it checks the problem and you let it solve the problem. Be very attentive when using an app that you are not aware of what you are doing cause in some cases you can do more harm than good.

Reset the phone to factory settings

If you have tried everything mentioned and it didn’t work then it is time for a hard reset.  That procedure opposite to soft reset erases all your apps and settings, files also. It takes back your phone to the factory setting.  Firstly, you open settings and select the options system. You have to go to advances for an expanded menu. When it’s opened find RESET options and withing press erase all data. After confirming this procedure, press erase all data again. Your phone will ask for a PIN. After entering the  PIN you will confirm erasing which will last several minutes. When finished your phone is good as new.

Can’t get out from headphone mode. What now?

Many things that we offer will help you out to solve the problem but if it is still there and none of the mentioned work then the only solution for you is to search for professional help, call the service provider’s repair centre or call the manufacturer.  It is not advisable to try things that you know very little of. Sometimes you can make it worse and irreparable.

Final Words

Headphones are useful gadgets when it comes to phones. They are of huge help when you need your hands free for doing something else apart from holding a phone. Sometimes you get bored if your phone thinks they are on all the time. We have offered you many tips to try solving the problem and hope we helped you get out of headphone mode.