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Galaxy Buds Case Not Charging (Try These 9 Fixes)

Galaxy Buds are one of the best earbuds on the market, especially for Samsung lovers and users. However, every product can have its faults and that is why in this article we will help you find the solution for the Galaxy Buds case not charging issue.

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Why Is Your Galaxy Buds Case Not Charging?

Before we delve into the solutions for the problem, let us take a look at why the problem can occur in the first place. The Galaxy Buds case won’t charge for several different reasons, for example:

  • Software issues
  • Accumulated dirt on the case and the earbuds
  • A faulty cable, power adapter or power outlet
  • A battery problem

How To Fix The Galaxy Buds Case Not Charging Problem?

Galaxy buds case

Since we are now familiar with the things that could cause this problem that you are struggling with, we can finally look for a solution. We recommend trying every solution until you find the one that works for you. 

Solution 1: Reset Your Galaxy Buds Case

Resetting is the quickest way you can fix many problems that occur in devices. It gets rid of software bugs that could be the cause of a temporary malfunction, including charging issues. 

To reset your Galaxy Buds case follow the steps below:

  1. First make sure that your earbuds have at least 50% of battery in them
  2. Press and hold the sensors on the Galaxy Buds for about 10 seconds
  3. Place the Galaxy Buds back into their case
  4. Leave it be for at least 30 seconds

Your Galaxy Buds case is now reset and you can try charging it. If this didn’t work, check out the next solution.

Solution 2: Update The Firmware

Updating the firmware gets rid of software malfunctions, which also include charging problems. Your firmware should update automatically, but in case it does not, here is how to do it manually:

  1. First of all, make sure that your device and the Galaxy Buds are connected
  2. Plug the charger into the case
  3. Close the case
  4. Leave the case overnight to update

Alternatively, you can use the Galaxy Wearable app:

  1. Unlock your phone
  2. Open Galaxy Wearable app
  3. Tap Earbuds software update (or Earbuds settings, then Earbuds software update)
  4. Click Download and install

And that is it! You have successfully updated the software of your Galaxy Buds. If software is not the issue that caused the charging problem, let us see what else you can do to fix the problem.

Solution 3: Clean The Case And The Buds

Accumulated dirt, dust and debris could be the reason your case is not charging due to electricity flow being prevented by dirt. To fix this problem you must clean the case and the Galaxy Buds. 

The materials you need are isopropyl alcohol, a cotton swab and a microfiber cloth. 

Take the cotton swab and put a drop of isopropyl alcohol on it. Clean the whole case but pay extra attention to the charging port and the charging pins. After you do that, take the microfiber cloth and clean the case with it.

The next thing you should do is clean the Galaxy Buds in the same way. Take the cotton swab, put a drop of isopropyl alcohol on the other side of it and clean the buds, but this time pay extra attention to the charging contacts. When you finish, take the microfiber cloth and clean them with it. 

Solution 4: Try Charging The Case With A Different Cable, Power Adapter And Power Outlet

The first thing you should do here is check the cable. If there is any visible damage to the cable, you need to replace it. However, if there is no visible damage to the cable, try getting another one regardless. Plug the new cable in the case and see if it starts charging. If it does begin to charge that means the first cable was faulty. 

The second thing you can do if the cable is not faulty is replace the power adapter. See if the case starts charging with the new power adapter, if it does, the previous one was faulty. 

The final thing you can try is plugging the charger into another power outlet. Also be sure not to use extensions, the problem might lie in it. 

Solution 5: Remove The Galaxy Buds Out Of The Case

Remove The Galaxy Buds Out Of The Case

Having the Galaxy Buds in the case while you are charging it can disrupt the charging process. Take the Galaxy Buds out of the case and see if that fixes the Galaxy Buds case not charging problem. 

Solution 6: Inspect The Case For Damages

You should inspect the case for any damages, especially the pins and the charging port. If the pins are bent or broken, you need to get that fixed or replaced. 

Solution 7: Use A Wireless Charger

Using a wireless charger could solve your problem as it has no cable and you don’t need to use the charging port. Simply put the case on the wireless charger and see if it starts charging. 

You can even try the Power Share feature you have in your Samsung phone. Simply turn that feature on from the notifications panel, put the buds in the case and then put the case on your phone. 

Solution 8: Replace The Battery

If you have had the Galaxy Buds for a longer period of time, the battery could be worn out. In this case, you need to replace the battery, or have a professional do it. 

Solution 9: Visit The Samsung Authorized Service Center

If none of the solutions we listed in this article helped you in fixing the problem, then you should probably go visit the Samsung authorized service center and see if they can help you fix the problem. If your Galaxy Buds are still under warranty, you can also have them replaced, as well as repaired. 


In this article, we listed solutions for the Galaxy Buds case not charging issue. Some of those solutions are resetting the case, updating the firmware, cleaning the case, replacing a faulty cable etc. Remember these solutions if the problem ever occurs again or just revisit this article.