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Galaxy Buds Case Green Light Stays On: How to Fix It

When we talk about the Galaxy Buds case we can say that there are different indicator lights that signal different actions and states. In this article, we are going to see what it means when the Galaxy Buds case green light stays on, but you need to differentiate the different LED light colors first, if you want to know which is connected to what.

The most important is the continuous red LED light which represents charging status, then the red flashing light which is connected to blocked charging due to high temperature and finally the Galaxy buds case green light which indicates that it is completely charged. Here we will deal with the green light and the issues connected to it. 

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Why Does The Galaxy Buds Case Green Light Stay On?

Like with many other gadgets that people use nowadays things can go wrong and not rarely it can happen with the Galaxy Buds case that you are using. Even though it can be irritating, do not get frustrated right away because there are several things you can do to easily resolve the problem and carry on using them.

The most common reasons for a Galaxy Buds Case showing green light all the time can differ. In most cases, you need to restart them or synchronize them again and you will solve the problem. It could be the case is malfunctioning due to physical damage. There are cases when the charger is broken or does not work properly or the cable of the charger is damaged.  Since this gadget is something that you use intensively, the connectors of the pins may be worn out and, in the end, need to be replaced.

Whatever the reason is we will offer several tips that cost nothing but a little of your time and hopefully they will help you deal with the problem. You should most certainly try them before you decide to ask for help from tech support or purchase a new pair. 

Galaxy Buds Case Green Light Stays On: Possible Solutions

Galaxy Buds Case Green Light Stays On

Solution 1: Restart The Earbuds

You could try and manually restart the earbuds and it will probably solve the problem. Follow the steps and you are done in no time.

  1. Open the case
  2. Take the earbuds out of the case
  3. Close the lid
  4. Open the case
  5. Place the earbuds in again
  6. Close the lid
  7. Wait for ten seconds
  8. Take them out of the case

Solution 2: Synchronize The Earbuds

In some cases, the earbuds can be unpaired just for a couple of seconds and that is more than enough to cause issues. If they are not paired correctly the red indicator will flash, however, sometimes other light indicators appear too, such as green constant light as they are fully charged. The process of synchronization is easy to do and, in most cases, it solves many problems. 

  1. Take the earbuds out of the case.
  2. Put them back in the case
  3. The green indicator will show battery status as full
  4. The earbuds will pair
  5. Take them out of the case
  6. Use them

Solution 3: Update

  1. Tap the settings option
  2. Pick the Update option
  3. Update your software 

Solution 4: Reestablish the Bluetooth Connection

There are times when the device and the Galaxy Buds mix settings via Bluetooth due to excessive use and other devices that are interfering. You can easily solve this by reestablishing the Bluetooth connection. 

  1. Set the device near the case with the earbuds
  2. Put aside all objects that can cause interference
  3. Head to option – settings
  4. Choose the Bluetooth icon
  5. Press reset the Bluetooth 
  6. Click ok

Solution 5: Reset The Earbuds

If nothing of the solutions offered above helped you could try and reset the earbuds to factory settings. Keep in mind that it will erase all the settings and they will be returned to defaults. 

  1. Place the earbuds in the case
  2. Head for settings
  3. Find the reset option 
  4. Press OK and it will be reset to default


We have tried to cover simple things you can do to solve the issue with constant green light on Galaxy Buds Case. We hope that following our tips helped you fix the problem. If any advice did not do the job do feel free to contact the tech support center that will help you deal with the problem or replace the buds.