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Beats Studio Buds Keep Falling Out (What to Do?)

If your Beats Studio Buds keep falling out of your ears and you don’t know what to do to fix this frustrating problem, you have come to the right place, as in this article we will help you find a way to secure your Beats Studio Buds in your ears so they no longer fall out. 

Why Do Your Beats Studio Buds Keep Falling Out?

Before we jump into solutions, let us first take a look at what could be the reason your Beats Studio Buds keep falling out of your ears.

  • We all have different ear shapes and sizes, sometimes one type of earbuds could work for your friend while they don’t work for you and that’s completely fine, you either buy different earbuds or find a way to secure them in your ears. 
  • Another reason could be the ear tips material. Nowadays ear tips are made of silicon, which can be more slippery than plastic ear tips. Silicon can become slippery when there is wax and sweat buildup in the ear, causing the earbuds to fall out of your ears. 
  • As we already mentioned, earwax could be another reason why your earbuds are falling out. Earwax causes your earbuds to get slippery which makes it harder for them to hold onto your ears and eventually they fall out. Or, in a worse case scenario, earwax buildup can prevent the earbuds from being placed properly in the ears.  
  • Improper placement of the earbuds is one of the most common mistakes we make. We will talk about the proper placement of Beats Studio Buds in detail later in this article.

How To Solve Beats Studio Buds Keep Falling Out Problem?

Now that we have learned why earbuds are falling out of ears, let us find the solution for every problem. 

Change The Ear Tips

Since we already mentioned that everyone has a different ear size and shape, that means that we need different sizes of ear tips. Your Beats Studio Buds come with three different sizes of ear tips: large, medium (which are placed on the earbuds) and small. If the medium size ear tips don’t work for you, try the other two sizes. For example, my ear type requires small ear tips, maybe yours does too. 

If you don’t want to wear silicone ear tips that are known to be a little slippery, you can buy another type of ear tips. You can try foam or hybrid ear tips. However, the most recommended ear tips are made of memory foam. Memory foam ear tips adjust themselves to the users’ ear canal, they are good for comfort, sound isolation and, as mentioned, they fit perfectly. 

Place Your Earbuds Correctly Into Your Ears

Incorrectly placed earbuds are a mistake we all make sometimes which can lead to your Beats Studio Buds falling out. To properly place your Beats Studio Buds into your ear you need to gently insert the earbud into your ear and then twist downward until they are secure.

Make sure you put the right earbud into your right ear, and your left earbud into your left ear. Another thing you should check is that the logo resembles the letter b when you put it in your ear, and not the number 9. 

Clean Your Ears

As we established that earwax can be one of the main reasons your Beats Studio Buds keep falling out of your ears, the simple solution to that is to clean your ears. You should avoid using cotton swabs as they mainly just push the earwax deeper into the ear canal, which causes the earwax buildup. You can talk to your doctor to learn the best way to clean your ears without danger of infections, buildup and injury you can get while using cotton swabs. 

Buy Ear Hooks

Earhooks will secure the earbuds to your ears

Ear hooks are a great way for you to secure the earbuds to your ears. They prevent the earbuds from falling out by sticking to the ridge of your outer ear. 

Wear Ear Warmers Or Sweatbands

Another great hack you can try is wearing ear warmers or sweatbands over your ears while you are wearing earbuds. This is a great way to secure your earbuds while exercising and running and it protects earbuds from dust and debris as well. On a cold winter day put an ear warmer over your ears, while on a hot sunny day you can put on a sweatband. 

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In this article we have answered the question: what to do when your Beats Studio Buds keep falling out of your ears? Remember that the reasons for that could be improper placement, earwax buildup, ear tips material etc. We have provided you with several solutions, like changing ear tips, wearing ear warmers, buying ear hooks etc. We hope that you found the solution that works for you.