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Sony WH-1000XM3 Switch Between Devices [A Brief Guide]

Your Sony WH-1000xm3 headset is a multipurpose device built for users in different categories. That means you can use the same tool in two or more different contexts without buying a headset for each of the use cases you have in mind. For people who have not used their Sony WH-1000xm3, this is worth exploring.

Irrespective of how you want to use this type of headset, switching between devices is never an easy thing for everyone. If you have tried it for the first time, you’ll understand what I am talking about. but don’t worry, this short guide could get you going in a short time.

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Can Sony WF-1000XM3 connect to multiple devices?

The answer is absolute yes. You can connect your Sony WF-1000XM3 headset to multiple Bluetooth devices. According to the product specifications, this particular model can be paired with up to eight devices. However, it is only a single connection point that can be used at the same time. Based on what I have seen, most people use it mainly for playing music and taking phone calls.

In this case, multiple devices refer to music player and smartphone. On the other hand, you may want to connect multiple smartphones depending on your intended use cases.

Below are some of the things you have to keep in mind before the connection process. This will make the connection process stress-free for you.

  • keep the product instructions manual within your reach
  • Charge your headset fully before starting the process
  • Bring your Bluetooth devices about 3 feet close to the headset

How To Switch Between Devices On SonyWH-1000XM3

  1. Turn on the headset after charging fully as instructed. This makes the device enter pairing mode
  2. To pair a second device, press and hold the power button for like 7 seconds. Check on the side of the headset to see that the blue light flashed twice.
  3. Start the pairing process on the Bluetooth devices to find the headset. When this is done, you’ll see the headset product model (WH-1000XM3) displayed on your screen. If a PIN is required, just enter 0000.
  4. In most cases, the connection will happen automatically after initiating the process.

Practically, you can follow the same steps to connect other devices. But if you want to switch between devices, here is what you have to do. When your headset is connected to another device, you can take your smartphone for example, touch it on the headset and the connection will be switched. However, it is important to note that the connection cannot be switched when you are talking with the headset connected to another device.

In case your connected headset is touched by another compatible Bluetooth device, it will disconnect and connect again to the smartphone that touched it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sony WH-1000XM3 headset multipoint?

Yes, it is a multipoint headset. But the problem is that you can only use for music and phone calls simultaneously. In other words, it is meant to be used for two devices. Depending on your choice, you can always switch between devices.

Can Bluetooth connect to two devices at once?

You can always connect two compatible Bluetooth devices at once. But for you to have a seamless connection experience, the devices you want to connect have to be different. For example, you may want to connect a smartphone, laptop and music player. Besides, it is always important to check the number and types of devices allowed before you buy.

Which headphones can connect to two devices?

The Sony WH-1000xm3 and WH-1000xm4 are two good examples of headsets that you can easily connect to two devices. But don’t forget to check the number and types of devices allowed.