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How to Pair ONN Bluetooth Headphones?

When it comes to ONN Bluetooth headphones there are two completely opposite user experiences today. On one side, we have users that are fascinated with these affordable Bluetooth headphones and their sound quality, and on the other side we have users that truly regret buying them.

In case you have just purchased these headphones, you should at least try them and see at which side you will end at – satisfied or disappointed. So, unpack them and get ready to pair them with your favorite device. In case you don’t know how to do it properly, this article is for you. So, let’s see how to pair ONN Bluetooth headphones.

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Onn Bluetooth Headphones Pairing Explained

When it comes to pairing the ONN Bluetooth headphones we can split the process into a few steps:

  1. Activate the pairing mode on the ONN Bluetooth headphones.
  2. Discover the ONN headphones on your Windows 10, Mac, iOS or Android powered device.
  3. Confirm that your ONN Bluetooth headphones have paired successfully to your device.

Now let’s discuss these steps in more detail.

STEP 1: Activate pairing mode

Activating the pairing mode on your ONN headphones is pretty simple. Just press and hold the Power button for about 10 seconds and you will see blue and red lights blinking rapidly. This means that the ONN headphones are in pairing mode.

Now you need to find the ONN headphones on your device – Windows 10, Android, Mac or iPhone/iPad.

STEP 2: Discover the headphones on your device

Depending on the device you want to pair the ONN headphones to, there are some steps you need to follow in order to discover the device via Bluetooth and connect to it.


  1. Put the ONN Bluetooth headphones to pairing mode as explained above.
  2. Take your Android powered smartphone and unlock it.
  3. Tap the Connections link.
  4. If Bluetooth is OFF, turn it on and tap on Bluetooth.
  5. Check the Available Devices section. You should see the ONN headphones listed there.
  6. Tap on ONN to complete the pairing process. They should appear in the Paired Devices section now.

Windows 10

  1. In the search field, in the taskbar, type Bluetooth. If you don’t see it, press the Windows logo button and S on your keyboard
  2. Bluetooth and other device settings will appear. Press Enter on your keyboard.
  3. Enable Bluetooth in the new window
  4. On the left of Add Bluetooth and other devices click on the plus button.
  5. Now select Bluetooth
  6. Select the ONN headphones and click Connect


  1. Unlock your iPhone
  2. Tap the Settings icon and then on Bluetooth
  3. Enable Bluetooth if needed
  4. Check the Other Devices section. ONN headphones should be there
  5. Click on ONN and they will move to the My Devices section when they connect.


  1. Left-click on the Apple logo and then select System Preferences
  2. Now click the Bluetooth icon.
  3. Clicking the Turn Bluetooth On button to enable Bluetooth.
  4. Enable pairing mode on your ONN headphones.
  5. You should see your ONN headphones in the Devices section.
  6. Click Connect.
  7. Close the menu.

STEP 3: Confirm that the pairing was successful

When you pair the ONN headphones with your device the rapid blue and red blinking should stop. This is a sign that the pairing was successful. You can now enjoy your music.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, pairing your ONN headphones is pretty simple and straightforward. You don’t need to have some special tech skills to do it. And we are sure you will do it in a few seconds the next time you want to pair your ONN headphones to a new device.