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How To Get Water Out Of Your Phone Speaker?

If you dropped your phone in a pool, a toilet or a bathtub, you might be wondering how to get water out of your phone speaker. No matter whether you want to fix your Android phone or iPhone speaker, keep reading this article to find an answer to that question.

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Why Is It Important To Get Water Out Of Speakers?

If water has breached inside the phone through the speakers that can lead to damage of the electrical system inside your phone. If your phone has a warning that will alert you if water is inside the system you should heed it immediately. If your phone doesn’t alert you, if you hear muffled sounds while playing some music or talking to someone that can be the clue that water got inside and there is a chance of water damage.

How to Get Water Out Of Phone Speaker?

What You Should Do Before Removing Water Out Of Phone’s Speakers?

Before you begin with removing water, you should make sure you check some things first:

  • Wipe the phone if it’s still wet on the outside.
  • Disconnect your phone from everything, like your earphones, a charger or anything else you might have connected to the headphone jack.
  • Don’t put your phone to charge for at least 5 hours after it got wet.
  • Don’t insert anything in it and do not open the sim slot.

After you make sure to not do anything listed above, you are ready to remove water from the phone’s speakers.

How To Get Water Out Of Your Phone Speaker?

There are a few steps you can try that will help you with removing water from the phone’s speaker. Keep reading to find the one that is most suitable and effective for you.

Shake Your Phone

If water didn’t breach far into the system you can try shaking the phone to get the water out. Make sure to hold your phone tight and give it a good shake. After that, try playing the audio at the maximum sound and shake it again. Although, we should mention that this will not work if your phone is not water-resistant.

Search Your Phone For A Speaker Cleaner Feature

Some phones have a built in feature for speaker cleaning in their software. You should try looking for it in the Settings of your phone. This feature produces sounds that emit high frequency and remove water or other particles, like dust, through the speakers. This option can be called either Clear Speaker or Speaker Cleaner and if your phone has it, it should be under Additional Settings or Sound, and if you find it just follow the instructions on screen.

Download The App For Cleaning The Speaker

Don’t worry if your phone doesn’t have the speaker cleaning feature built in, you can always download the app yourself from Google play Store. This app works the same as the one someone else might have in their phone’s software. After you install the Speaker Cleaner and launch it, make sure that you disconnect every Bluetooth device you might have connected. Turn the volume up to the maximum and press start cleaning in the app.

After it finishes its job, play some music to see if the sound is different or it still has obstacles. If the sound is still not back to normal, you can repeat the process a few more times.

Let The Water Dry Out

If the solutions listed above don’t work with helping you with how to get water out of your phone speaker, try leaving the phone to dry on its own. Make sure to put the phone in a way the speaker is facing down so the water can get out. You should leave it in the room under room temperature for 24 hours maximum.

Put The Phone In Rice

One more thing you can do is something you have probably thought of and that is putting your phone in rice to dry. Rice works as a natural filter and it will absorb the water from your phone. You should leave your phone like that for at least 24 hours. After that play some audio to see if rice helped fix the problem.

Use Silica Gel

Instead of rice, you can use silica gel as well. Silica gel absorbs water faster and sometimes it is more effective. You can put your phone in a closed box with a few packs of gel and leave it like that so it can absorb the water and hopefully fix the problem.

Visit The Repair Store

If none of these tips help you get the water out of the speakers of your phone you should consider going to the repair store and let the professionals take a look at your phone.

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In this article we talked about how to get water out of your phone speaker in various ways. From shaking your phone, downloading a speaker cleaner app, to one of the most known solutions, putting your phone in rice. If nothing works when you try to get water out by yourself, you should consider visiting a repair store and asking for help.