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How Long Do Bluetooth Headphones Last?

When you are actively interested in buying one of these gadgets, you may find yourself asking questions like, how long do Bluetooth headphones last?

Regardless of where you look for answers, you are bound to find some interesting differences. Those differences are the factors that influence the average Bluetooth headphone lifespan. Whether your top priority is a premium brand, superior sound quality, or long lifespan, this post will help to answer your pre-purchase questions.

In addition to answering the question on how long do Bluetooth headphones last, you’ll find some other interesting information that will help you make an informed purchase decision.

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What’s the average battery life?

More than anything else, the average battery life of a Bluetooth headphone is one of the main factors that will determine how much value you get from it. It doesn’t matter how superior the sound quality or design is, without a strong battery you may not get the expected value out of it.

Based on the statistics from the bestselling Bluetooth headphones in the market, the average battery life stands between 2 – 4 years. However, what you experience will depend on the brand or model you bought. Within this stipulated period, you are sure of getting a proportionate value from it when the Bluetooth headphone price comes into play.

When you are looking for the best Bluetooth headphones to buy, another thing worth considering is how long the battery will last after a single charge. Here is another important factor that differentiates one brand or model from the other.

Depending on your intended use cases or usage patterns, most of the Bluetooth headphones you’ll find in the market will last between 4 – 30 hours after a single charge.

To experience the best outcomes during your purchase, consider checking the stated warranty around the battery lifespan and the playtime. This will ensure that you don’t encounter any surprises within a short time after buying the gadget.

What affects battery life?

Especially if you are buying a Bluetooth headphone for the first time, it is important to understand the things that affect battery life and directly affect how long do Bluetooth headphones last. To a large extent, this will enable you to make use of it in a way that ensures maximum lifespan for you to get enough value from it.

battery life

Frequency of use

Are you using your headphones for gaming, daily work, evening music session, or just commuting to work? The interesting thing is that use cases often influence usage frequency. Hence, the length of time you use your headphone vary from one context to the other. However, the main thing to note is that using it for long playtime sessions will make the battery dies faster than doing otherwise.

Battery quality

By reading through the best Bluetooth headphone reviews, you are sure of finding some differences regarding battery quality. It doesn’t matter what the Bluetooth headphone price is, poor battery quality often leads to a shorter lifespan. In terms of quality, most batteries are measured in milliampere hour (mAh). This is a measure of how much electrical charge your gadget battery can hold. In this case, the majority of Bluetooth headphone batteries stand between 200 – 2000 milliampere hour (mAh). When you buy one with a low-quality battery, the lifespan tends to be shorter. Another thing worth considering is how long it will take for the battery to get fully charged.

Audio volume

Are you making use of your headphone in an environment that is frequently noisy? What happens, in this case, is that the tendency to put it on a high volume will always be high. Consequently, higher constant higher audio volume is known to drain the headphone battery life faster than using it the other way around.

The Bluetooth chip

In technical terms, the Bluetooth chip is one of the most influential factors that make your device cheaper or more expensive. Bearing that in mind, going for the cheapest Bluetooth headphones often means that you are bargaining for poor battery life and a short lifespan.

How To Make Your Bluetooth Headphones Last Longer

Without being informed enough, you may end up using your gadget anyhow you want. For most first-time buyers, this is not the best approach to get the best value from it. Here are some of the best tips on how to make your Bluetooth headphone last longer.

#1: Avoid Overcharging

Too much of everything they say is bad. The same fact applies to Bluetooth headphone batteries as well. It doesn’t matter the brand or model you bought, overcharging tends to weaken the battery. In specific terms, avoid the habit of putting your gadget on for overnight charging.

#2: Turn Off The Noise Cancelling Feature

Noise-canceling headphones are usually made for specific contexts. However, it is not every time that you will need to be making use of that feature. When this is the case, consider turning off the noise-canceling features of your headphone. This will help to extend both the battery life and overall lifespan.

#3: Turn It Off When Not In Use

This may have the least impact in terms of the battery life extension. However, the important thing is that it will reduce the constant need to charge your device. In other words, turning it off will extend the playtime after each session of full charging.

#4: Embrace The Magic Ratio

The main thing, in this case, is that you shouldn’t let your headphones fall below the 20% playtime threshold. Constantly going above 80% on the other hand may not be the best option. Hence, your best bet is to always keep the battery life in between these thresholds. Doing these things over time will help to extend your Bluetooth headphone battery life and you won’t have to worry how long do Bluetooth headphones last ever again.